Monday, 9 April 2012

Audio Options for Webinars

So, you have finally decided to get your voice out there. Maybe you’re starting your own business, maybe you just want to help others with common problems, or maybe you just want to chat with long lost friends. Whatever the reason, you have decided to host a webinar. The only problem is, you don’t know what your audio options are. Can you use a landline phone? Should you be using a handsfree headset?

Before you become too confused and decide to give up on hosting your webinar altogether, let us help you discover what audio options are available to you.

Audio Options for Your Webinar

There are two basic options for audio with webinars. You can either use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or a landline telephone. Wireless phones like cell phones are strictly forbidden from use during webinars because of many reasons.

  • Their volume does not remain constant
  • They are prone to interruptions, dropouts, and loss of power
  • Their speaker phone options can pick up noises you aren’t aware of and make you sound like you are speaking in a tunnel.
  • They tend to cut a microsecond off of each phrase you say while they are switching from receiving to sending.

If you are going to use VoIP as the audio for your webinar, you are going to need a headset with a microphone that connects directly to your computer. Don’t use a desk microphone. Quality is important for this, no matter whether you are using a wireless or corded headset.  A quality headset will have features that will allow the headset to block outside noises, increase the clarity, and automatically adjust the volume.

While it may seem easier at first to purchase a low-cost headset, quality sometimes comes with a higher cost. However, if you can obtain all of the features you need, plus receive extras like great customer service, buy back service, and online order tracking, along with a long-lasting, easy-to-use headset, spending a little more at the beginning will be well worth it.

If you are going to use a telephone for the webinar, you can use a standard corded desk phone. This will provide you with a good sound quality, but you will definitely develop your arm muscles as you hold the headset to your ear throughout the entire webinar.

A more convenient idea is to use a phone with a headset.  The headset can be hooked directly into the phone, providing you with the sound quality, clarity, and ease of use you need for a long webinar, without the addition of muscle soreness. Both wired and wireless headsets for phones are available for use. While many are afraid to use wireless headsets for fear of them losing signal, experiencing radio interference, or experiencing power loss, there is very low risk for this. Most wireless versions have long battery lives and hold their signal very well.

Finding out your audio options for your webinar is extremely important. Whether you are simply chatting with friends or holding a business meeting, the right audio options can make the experience enjoyable for everyone.


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