Friday, 22 June 2012

How To Correctly Install Your Microphone Headsets

microphone headsets
Everyone loves technology. Whether it’s a new CD burner, music player, or a headset for your computer, your PC gadgets can provide you with plenty of convenience and hours of entertainment. The best headsets offer clear audio, are comfortable to wear, and filter out background noises, making them extremely functional pieces of technology.

While you may be looking forward to using your new equipment at home or around the office, there is one thing you may not be ready for: the installation. Why? Many times, new pieces of technology like microphone headsets are a pain to install onto your computer, taking a lot of time and requiring patience you may not have.

Luckily, the headsets from Corptel UK provide you with a frustration free way of installing your microphone headsets. Simply follow the tips outlined below.

Monday, 4 June 2012

The True Benefits of the Unified Communications System

Unified Communication from CorptelUK is cross platform system that is taking VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to a whole new level. This technology transforms computers and regular business telephones into virtual communication platforms. It allows users to communicate with other individuals via a hands free headset in real time, even though those individuals may live halfway around the world.

Unified communications is comprised of various elements, including multimedia services, unified messaging, work flows, enterprise applications, and interaction services. Using this type of technology for your business can be extremely beneficial for the following reasons.