Friday, 22 June 2012

How To Correctly Install Your Microphone Headsets

microphone headsets
Everyone loves technology. Whether it’s a new CD burner, music player, or a headset for your computer, your PC gadgets can provide you with plenty of convenience and hours of entertainment. The best headsets offer clear audio, are comfortable to wear, and filter out background noises, making them extremely functional pieces of technology.

While you may be looking forward to using your new equipment at home or around the office, there is one thing you may not be ready for: the installation. Why? Many times, new pieces of technology like microphone headsets are a pain to install onto your computer, taking a lot of time and requiring patience you may not have.

Luckily, the headsets from Corptel UK provide you with a frustration free way of installing your microphone headsets. Simply follow the tips outlined below.

Steps for Installing Your Headphones


Plug it in- Before you can install your headsets, take a look at what is included with your device and locate the audio inputs on your computer. Most headsets include two separate plugs, one that can be used for the microphone and one that can be used for headphones. If your headset has a USB or operates wirelessly, however, it may have different plugs. The type of headset you choose should depend on your computer’s configuration. For example, if your PC doesn’t have a microphone jack, but contains a USB port, a corded headset might not be right option for you, but a wireless one with a USB connection.

On most computers, the microphone and headset jacks will be located on the front or back of the system. If you have a laptop, however, look at the side or front for these jacks. Many inputs are labelled with symbols, by colour, or a mixture of both. Once you locate the correct jacks, plug in the corresponding plugs that came with your headset. If the headset doesn’t have plugs, but a USB connection, plug the USB into the correct port as well.

Check Your System- Once you have a connection, check the control on your headset to make sure the volume and microphone are working correctly. Check the volume control especially on both the headset and your PC. Once you ensure the volume is at an audible level on your headset, look on your computer and find the location of your PC’s volume control. Make sure it is set to a reasonable level and isn’t muted. While you are there, take a look at the microphone settings as well. On most computers, this information is located in the same place.

Final Tests- The last step to take is to evaluate the headset and make sure it functioning correctly. If you are using WinXP or Vista, use the audio devices on these programs to record and play back your voice. This will let you calibrate your headset and microphone so you can be sure your friends and family can hear you the next time you use Skype or ensure your clients will be able to understand what you are saying when you answer their calls.

Installing your new headset from Corptel UK doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply plug in the correct parts of your headset, test the volume, and start talking.


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