Monday, 22 October 2012

Headsets Today

Headset Headaches!

Single or dual? Wireless or corded?

The headsets you choose could be the difference between your business being a noisy, stress-riddled room or a streamlined, efficient place of business. But how do know which is the best choice for you?

The headset industry

Since the birth of headsets over 100 years ago, the technology has advanced to the level we see today, where a whole range of brands and advanced features are available to choose from. In it's earlier stages, the demand for headsets predominantly came from the aviation industry, and in more recent times the demand comes from the office and call centre industry. The leading brands in the industry include Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser and Agent. All offer an extensive range to choose from, with features such as noise-cancelling microphones and accessories such as replaceable ear cushions readily available to adapt the headset to the individual's needs. Predominantly however - in both the corded and wireless options - there are three classic headset wearing styles:

• Monaural: One earpiece receiver with accompanying headband
• Binaural: Two earpiece receivers with accompanying headband
• On ear: Hooks on to one ear with no headband

Headsets today

Headsets in today's market are sleek, lightweight units, with advanced technological features that provide workers with varying levels of assistance. A cordless headset affords the user such luxuries as being able to send faxes, collect printed documents, and move freely around the office and cantine whilst still speaking hands-free to a client. A corded headset doesn't permit the user as much freedom, but still allows them to take notes, look up information, all with the added bonus that it does not require batteries and will in some cases be more comfortable than a cordless unit. However, new and improved wireless headset designs - which provide reliable, all day comfort - are constantly being deployed. This aspect of the headset design may not be a critical deciding factor in the purchasing process for much longer. The choice of headsets for your company depends entirely on the dynamics and nature of your business and whether or not you think certain technologies are worth investing in.

The right choice for your company

The right choice of headsets by a company can transform a noisy room into a streamlined and efficient place of business; the wrong choice of headsets can turn it into a stressful and unproductive environment. If you're considering buying wireless, it's advisable to research how much the quality can vary. You should consider how much your business would benefit from wireless headsets for the extra costs incurred. If you buy a lower end cordless headset for the same price as a higher end corded headset, there will be a lower quality of sound and your recipients might be left unsatisfied with your service as a result. If your employee is mobile for only a couple of hours in their working day, it may not be worth the leap to wireless. Assessing the typical working patterns for each of your employees should determine whether the role of the individual requires a higher level of mobility. If so, it should also establish whether the labour costs saved in their added mobility (eg. collecting print outs and sending faxes whilst taking a call) will outweigh the extra costs of a more  advanced headset.

The future of headsets

As the technology of headsets continues to develop, efforts are likely to be concentrated on improving the versatility of wireless headsets i.e. increasing the range, eliminating problems of static/shock and seeking innovations in design to make them more comfortable. Bluetooth technology is an increasingly popular choice for wireless headset users, but it might be some time before functionality, safety and sound quality catches up the novelty and style of bluetooth and other wireless technology headsets such as DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).

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