Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Corpteluk is now an official Snom partner!

Corpteluk are delighted to announce themselves as a new UK unified communications partner with Snom. We will be supplying Snom’s range of VoIP phones that are now qualified for Microsoft Lync, which will allow our customers to benefit from the high standard of modern business communications Snom produces. 

Snom's worldwide appeal

Snom is one of the primary developers and suppliers of VoIP telephones worldwide. It caters for all working environments, from lone workers in small home-run businesses to grand corporate offices with many different departments. Whatever the situation, users can take advantage of a vast array of products, all of which will be compatible with SIP-based telephone systems. With the unveiling of the world’s first SIP telephone in 1999, closely followed 12 months later by its innovative SIP stack and plug-and-play mechanism for Snom phones, Snom has positioned itself as one the best VoIP endpoint suppliers around. The more recent Snom 821 UC model is a great example of Snom’s ability to give users a personal experience. This model can be programmed to the user’s needs, with the option of displaying their own logos and images on the home screen, configuring dedicated feature buttons and receiving video streams from entry phones.

The 'Lync' communication platform

Snom is currently the only IP phone manufacturer in the world offering compatible IP phones for Microsoft® Lync™; the UC (unified communications) interface which unites voice communications, IM, audio, video, and Web conferencing into a richer, more collaborative offering. The Lync communication platform is directly accessible from Microsoft Office programmes such as Outlook, Word, and SharePoint and delivers a cleaner, more efficient user experience. Other manufacturers offer ‘Lync optimized’ models, but they will be exclusive to a Lync environment and inoperable on other platforms. Snom IP phones are different; they are flexible and will work in non-Lync environments too. This will ensure you can use your phones from the get go, with any full or partial Lync installations running alongside your current SIP phone system.

Benefit from Snom's reliable VoIP phones

With Corpteluk now able to boast the inclusion of Snom’s excellent and reliable range of VoIP phones in our portfolio, we can offer businesses of any size a secure, reliable and flexible option when considering their next investment in VoIP telephony equipment. Future Snom devices will continue to build on making the user experience as secure and personal as possible; your company can be one of the first to benefit from this.

It’s confirmed: Agent headsets are now certified by Avaya

Various high profile companies have already adopted Agent as their headset brand of choice and for good reason; with exemplary feedback and now with the Avaya Devconnect certification, Agent has announced itself as a genuine competitor to the current market leaders.

As one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, "Agent" is setting the standard for outstanding quality in today’s telecoms industry. With an estimated 3000 new users every month, we are quickly establishing a strong presence within the headset market and look only to increase this momentum going forward. Our high quality, cost effective headsets are now backed by the prestigious Avaya Devconnect Compliance certification. With the addition of this highly accredited certification we have instilled further confidence in our products, strengthened the brand and announced ourselves as a genuine competitor to the current market leaders.

To achieve the Avaya DevConnect Compliance certification, headsets have to meet specific criteria and undergo a rigorous testing procedure testing features such as compatibility, sound quality, wearability and durability. We are pleased to announce the Agent 500 – 800 range of headsets passed all tests with flying colours and received certification on the 19th February 2013.

Agent provides a full range of headsets and accessories at extremely competitive prices, which has seen the brand grow year on year. Agent aims to provide the dealer /telecoms resellers as well as end users with a high quality range of headsets, accessories and telephones which are all targeted to project a very attractive price point without the compromise on quality.

Various high profile companies have already adopted Agent as their headset brand of choice and for good reason, with exemplary feedback and now with the Avaya Devconnect certification, we are confident our products will meet the majority of office and call centre requirements.

Changes within the industry

2013 has seen changes within the way call centres and office based businesses view headsets and their usage as a whole. With the growing adoption of SIP based telephony and current UC platforms, headsets have evolved from an add-on hands free tool, to an integral part of a businesses ability to communicate effectively and provide higher levels of customer service. The change in focus on purchasing decisions has seen more technologically advanced models being developed, with a higher focus on feature sets. Some of the standard features seen in today’s models are advanced noise cancelling, heightened clarity of sound and longer wireless range. These features have all become key players in the process of recommendation to users to address their specific headset needs and can determine the model type required to facilitate their needs accurately.

What happened to easy?

One of the largest bug bears for a dealer/reseller/End User is the compatibility issues that come with headsets, one cable for one system and one cable for another, which can create confusion. However with the introduction of the smart cable from Agent this confusion is circumnavigated. These cross platform headset cables provide a higher level of compatibility with system phones used on platforms like Avaya, Nortel, Siemens and Cisco, as well as many others, reducing stress and potential headaches.

Agent’s goal over the coming years is to make the methods of communication in the office and call centre environment as straight forward and simple as possible. In order to do this we continually review and employ new and relevant technologies in all our products. As a company Agent always looks to provide all our users with cost effective, high quality headsets and telephones, once again giving users back the ability to “simply communicate.”